Thursday, November 1, 2012

News - Paper Toys Featured on Toy Design Served from Behance

I am happy to have my fourth paper toy series featured on Toy Design Served from Behance!! I am honored to be a part of so many amazing works.

Owls and Bat Paper Toys was featured on November 1st, 2012!

Check out my Irritable Owls Paper toy here.

Check out my Happy Bats paper toy here.

Visit Behance Toy Design Served for some great work! Go >

Previous featured toy series on Toy Design Served:

Queen of Hearts with Rocket Ship Paper Toy.

Paper Toys - Series 5 - Powered Suites

Oculus 4000

EXO-B1000:Steam Powered Bronze Exoskeleton

Paper Toys - Series 4 - Robots

Tangerine Toil Bot

Klank, the Cranky Robot


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