Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stacked Owls - Paper Toy with Printable Template

Stacked Owls are a series of 5 paper owls that can be stacked, or positioned separately.

The Stacked Owls is a 4 sheet template.

Download, print and build your own stackable owls here.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Owl People - Paper Toy with downloadable template

My latest paper toy series is a set of Owl People that have varying degrees of social stature.
This series, is the Owl People Midlings, the trusted servants of the later coming Acolytes,
Shamans, and Warriors. Below are pictured seven of the Midlings in a group.

The Owl People Midlings come apart in several layers. This picture shows the top level headdress off, reveling the secondary headdress. 
Here is the Owl Person fully taken apart. This allows for limitless customization of each paper toy.

Build your own Owl Person here.
(Note: this is the only Owl Person template I have currently available online)
Click the image for the larger .jpg version and print.
The assembly is basically cutting the pieces out and cutting the feathered edges to your liking, then gluing one side to the next in a cone-like fashion.