Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vader Suit - Paper toy with printable template

Vader Suit paper toy is my second paper toy featuring the legendary villain in black, Darth Vader.

Using my paper toy template I created for the toys EXO-B1000 and Oculus 4000, I designed this
one from elements I had drawn for my previous Darth Vader toy; Big Head Darth Vader.

Yep, it's another Darth Vader paper toy!!!

Vader in a triumphant pose...

Download, print and assemble your own Vader Suit paper toy here.


  1. These are so great! Thank you for putting the time and effort into making these. My friends 18th birthday is coming up and she LOVES Star Wars so these will be perfect for her shelves.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the comment makes putting them out here all worth it! Happy birthday to your friend!

  2. I made Darth Vader and set him on my desk at work. . . It's becoming a great convo peice in my cube. Thanks alot