Thursday, April 19, 2012

Isabel Schwarer Matchingham & Ike - polymer clay figures

Isabel Schwarer Matchingham and Ike are inspired by Victorian and Steampunk styles.
This figurine's core is created from aluminum mesh (gutter covering),  14 gauge hobby wire, a 6" lag bolt,
and generic aluminum foil.

The core is covered with the polymer clay Sculpey. A 50 / 50 mix of Sculpey Firm and Super Sculpey.

The girl, Isabel Schwarer Matchinghame,
was built separate from the wall and in 6 pieces; head, body, two hands and two feet. After
the pieces were baked they were assembled together with super glue.

All pieces were covered with 2 coats of gesso before painting with Acrylic based paint.

Above image is composited with Adobe Photoshop.

Ike, the steam powered brass bot,  is Isabel Schwarer Matchingham's best friend.
Ike's legs and body base were assembled from a 750ml beer bottle cork cap.

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